Did you know Eye exercises can strengthen your eye muscles?

Have you ever thought about doing eye exercises? Did you know that these exercises can strengthen your eye muscles? For may years and a lot of different cultures this has been the way to keep healthy vision. Now that we are spending so much time looking at our computer screens are eyes are not as healthy as they could be. There are supplements we could take that can also help, and we can put on glasses to see better as well.

However, have you done any exercises?

With just 10 minutes a day you can help maintain sharper vision and flexible lenses. Try and take a break in between your computer work and spend 2-3 minutes per hour exercising your eyes.

Eye Supplements

Are you looking for supplements to help with your vision? If so try these, they have worked for me.

Eye Formula HerbsEye Formula Herbs

Eye Tea

Eye Kit



Image by Juraj Varga from Pixabay

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