How to get more antioxidants in your diet

It is a known fact that adding antioxidants from your foods is very beneficial to your health. Any antioxidants in food can help increase your energy, prevent some cancers, slow aging, may be reverse the aging, enhance your immune system, and possibly improve organs health.

Since we know antioxidants are beneficial properties, then why we don’t get enough fruit and vegetables? They are a main source of antioxidants. Some experts recommend a minimum of five servings of vegetables daily and fruits daily. But if you could get 7 to 10 servings would be even better.

Here are 10 steps to getting more antioxidants in your diet

1.Start with breakfast

Breakfast does not have to be rushed. And eating as if you can only do something in the toaster as you run out the door is not good. Why not put some strawberries or other fruit, juice and yogurt into a blender and make a delicious smoothie? This way you can take that cup with you as you head out the door. Another good way to add one to three servings is by adding some berries into your cold or hot cereal.

What if you truly have no time and you usually grab something from a fast food restaurant as you are on the run? Even the most popular fast food places can help you with getting something nutritional with antioxidants in it. Why not order a yogurt parfait with some fruits? This will provide you a good breakfast with one to two servings of fruit.

2.Need a snack?

An easy way to get more antioxidants is with a healthy snack. A handful of raisins or some fresh grapes, blueberries or even strawberries will go great in a small yogurt. But now you say what about a crunch if this is the case how about adding some baby carrots to your snack you can even dip them in hummus. Or consider a handful of nuts such as pecans or cashews that will give you a nice crunch and an antioxidant boost.

3.Time for lunch or dinner

It may sound like you don’t have time to fix a healthy meal once you come home from work, but what about adding a nice salad every time you eat dinner or lunch. This can add to your overall health. It doesn’t have to be boring and it doesn’t have to be just greens leaves. You could add some red peppers, tomatoes, red onions or even make a Greek salad. What about adding cranberries to your salad they’re great antioxidants. How about a broccoli salad for lunch or even a rice salad with a variety of vegetables like string beans, red onions, peppers and tomatoes.

4.Don’t forget the desert

A good change would be some berries with dark chocolate they are wonderful way to end your day. And you guessed it they are healthy and rich in antioxidants.

5.What to drink?

It’s time to give up the soda and turn to tea or even coffee both have loads of antioxidant compounds. You could even have wine with dinner or a glass of Chai tea.

6.Be creative

We can get our antioxidants from berries and salads, but researchers have also said that strong antioxidants can be found in a variety of foods for example russet potatoes, small red beans and even artichokes. Beans may have more antioxidant power than the blueberries. So to your rice salad that is full of vegetables try adding in some beans to get even more antioxidants.

7.Watch how you cook

You think doing you’re doing good by preparing your vegetables, but if they are over cooked and the color has changed then you’re losing the beneficial properties such as antioxidants. in Don’t overcook. Try to steam your vegetables not boil and don’t kill him in the microwave. Once you see that all the bright color is gone you have lost out on a lot of the nutrients. Even better yet why not eat your vegetables raw? This is the best way.

8.Plant your own garden of vegetables

Some say that people who grow their own vegetables and eat from their garden, are far more likely to eat more fruits and vegetables than those who buy from the grocery stores. So, you are literally eating the fruits of your labor. Planting and growing your own garden is not that difficult and could be enjoyable.

9.Go on vacation but keep a healthy diet

Are you going on a vacation, and you think this is a great opportunity to give up your healthy eating? Instead think of it as a way to induce new foods to your healthy eating. Order something new that may be interesting but full of vegetables. The restaurant may have a vegetable dish of the season which is a good way to learn new items. Learn and pay attention to how the dish was prepared so that when you go home you may be able to do the same thing. Change your mindset, don’t just give up all the healthy things you’ve done because you’re on vacation.

10.Can’t cook learn how

If you’re ordering out all your meals, you are less likely to be eating healthy. You are missing out on whole foods and getting the natural fruits and vegetables that you need to get the antioxidants for your daily intake. Cooking entails peeling and cutting up vegetables. It involves paying attention to the food on the stove and in the oven and not from a box. It involves a more satisfaction of what you create.


You are what you eat, and to get the nutrition you need make healthy changes. Why not make it as healthy as can be and get more fruits and vegetables in your diet. Learn how to receive all the antioxidants that you need and more. Once you start this your taste buds will change, and you will enjoy your new way of eating. Why not start today.

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