Lose Weight without Starving Yourself

Many people think that effective dieting and losing weight is difficult and also painful, but it doesn’t need to be! If you go about dieting in the wrong way though, and make all the rookie mistakes, then it will be hard, ineffective and you may even end up putting on more weight than you lose!

Many people are afraid of failing to achieve their weight loss goals while suffering the pangs of hunger they expect will haunt their dieting program, and so in the end they just decide that they would prefer to remain overweight! And even though this attitude is based on misunderstandings about the mechanisms of the human body and weight loss, who can blame them?

Remember though that it isn’t necessary to suffer, starve or even experience hunger pangs in order to stay slim or actively lose weight because if it were then most of the planet would be overweight!

The Human Body is a Miracle of Nature and Understanding How it works is the Key to Losing Weight without Starving Yourself.

The human body is a marvelous device and its natural rhythms and internal workings tell us when we are hungry, thirsty or need to rest! The human body has a multiplicity of self protection and healing mechanisms; hunger pangs being one of these. When your body lets you know that you are hungry it means that it needs to stock up on food to maintain your energy levels, heal yourself, grow new cells and make essential internal repairs.

So when you feel serious hunger pangs you should realize that your body is telling you that it needs to eat! However, your body is operating on a system that is millions of years old and does not realize that in the modern, 21st century world, food is plentiful and you will not starve if you don’t eat immediately. When your ancient ancestors lived in caves and survived by hunting and gathering food from the wild, then these hunger pang signals were vital for their continued survival. There were times when your ancestors had to go days, or even weeks, without a proper meal and until they hunted or found more found they would receive sharp hunger pangs as a warning signal from their bodies letting them know that the situation was critical.

When your ancestors did make a big catch, hunt down a large animal or find a big supply of food, their body would convert much of this into fat, to store for later. This is a fantastic survival mechanism, but in the modern world it is outdated and unnecessary.

Starving yourself doesn’t work and goes against the nature of your own body

Simply denying yourself food and going hungry is not a healthy or effective way to lose weight. Your body will go into a shock mode and in an effort to survive in the long term it will convert more of the little food that you do eat into fat to be stored for later! So, attempting to starve yourself is completely counterproductive while being an extremely unpleasant experience.Healthy weightloss

But does this mean that you can’t lose weight?

So now we know that starving yourself doesn’t work and if you don’t want to spend hours a day in the gym then we need to find another solution. The truth is that eating healthy, nutritious meals several times a day and allowing your body to get its fill is the secret key to success in dieting and maintaining your optimal, slim body size.

Excellent Method for Losing Weight and Keeping off those Stubborn Pounds

A highly effective and sustainably healthy weight loss system is to eat multiple small meals throughout the day. Try eating 5, or even 6, small sized meals that are packed with nutrition during the day. Split your meals up throughout the day but avoid eating within 2 hours of going to bed at night. Eat a small breakfast, a small meal mid-morning and another at lunch. Similarly, throughout the afternoon until the evening, eat another 2 or 3 small and nutritious meals.

Eating smaller meals more often will give your body the time it needs to fully digest the food and extract the nutrients and minerals that it needs. When you are hungry it is because your body is crying out for nutrients, and not necessarily more food! Your body will happily function with less food provided that the food you do eat is nutritious enough to provide your body with what it needs to stay healthy, repair and heal itself.

Part of this revolutionary method of losing weight and keeping off those stubborn pounds is not to wait until you get hungry. Eat light, healthy meals throughout the day and you should find that not only will not get hunger pangs, but your weight will start to drop and what’s more stay down!

By not letting yourself get to the point when you are really hungry, you help yourself to avoid the dangerous temptations to overeat and over-indulge yourself when you do finally eat.

Skipping meals does not help you lose weight

Did you know that if you simply skip meals throughout the day in an effort to lose weight your body will actually slow down its metabolism as it starts to go into survival mode? This ancient mechanism helped our ancestors to survive periods when they could not find enough food but in the modern world it just means that you won’t lose weight so easily. In fact, when your body goes into this survival mode the food you do eat will be converted to fat and you will still remain hungry!

Learn to eat your food slower

In addition to eating smaller meals more often, you should also try to teach yourself to eat slower. Savor each bite and give your body the time to fully digest your food. This will improve your bowel movements while also giving your body the time to get the nutrients it needs from the food you are eating, meaning that you won’t feel hungry soon after you’ve eaten and your weight will fall and level off at a healthy low point.

An Extra 15 minutes of light exercise a day

Throughout the course of your day, even if you are busy, try to fit an extra 15 minutes of exercise into your schedule. It’s easy to make room for three 5-minute additions to your timetable. For example, when you are going to work, leave home an extra 5 minutes early and walk around the block a few times before catching your bus. On your lunch break you can include a 5-minute walk before you eat and throughout the day always choose to take the stairs instead of the lift in your office! After a while you won’t even notice your extra bits of exercise throughout the day and if you want to increase it to 20 minutes, or even 30 minutes a day, you can!

You can Do it!

Remember, you can lose weight and keep off those stubborn pounds and get yourself down to a slim, sustainable and healthy body size. Try adding a few short bits of exercise to your daily routine, eat small meals regularly but never try to starve yourself to lose weight.

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