Reduce Your Stress Levels

Stress relief can be hard to come by in the fast-paced modern world but with a few simple strategies you can go a long way towards combating it. Many of us spend long hours in front on computers or sitting at desks whether that’s at work or while we are home relaxing and catching up on the news.

It’s difficult for a lot of people to make the necessary time available in their busy routines for exercise however it’s a vital component of promoting a healthy body and mind.

Committing to an Exercise Routine

When you first think about including exercise in your hectic timetable it can seem like a daunting prospect and you may want to simply put it off for another day. However, even the busiest of us can find the time to be more active and once you do you will soon discover that you are feeling better and that your stress levels have massively improved.

Exercise is a Great Stress Buster!

Research has found that regular physical activity can have an incredible impact on your mental wellbeing showing that the benefits of exercise go way beyond improving your physical health.

  • Exercise produces endorphins which are a naturally hormone that is made by the brain and flow around your body in the blood. Endorphins are known to improve your mood and make you feel great which helps to reduce your levels of stress.
  • While you are exercising you can meditate on the concerns you have in your life. With a fresh perspective you will be able to problem solve more effectively and overcome the obstacles in your daily life that may be causing you to feel stressed.
  • Exercise improves your mood and gives you a powerful feeling of accomplishment that will stay with you throughout the day.
  • Problems with sleeping can be a major cause of stress in people’s lives but regular physical activity will help you to sleep better each night.

How much do you need to do to see results?

To begin to feel the mental and physical health benefits of exercise you only need to be doing between 15 minutes to 30 minutes a day! Depending on your level of fitness you can do more or less than that however as you become more comfortable with it you can slowly increase the length of your sessions.

There are many ways that you can incorporate exercise into your daily life in the most unexpected ways. For example, you can get a height adjustable desk and then spend an hour during your working day standing up while you continue with your tasks. This will get the blood flowing and you’ll feel more refreshed when you sit down again after an hour.

When we do any form of exercise our bodies naturally produce hormones called endorphins that give us a boost of energy and will naturally reduce stress and anxiety!

To get a personal idea of how powerful these endorphins can be you can take just 10 minutes to jog lightly on the spot. Notice how your stress start to fall and your anxiety begins to dissolve and once you are done you’ll be feeling much better already!

Exercise is Crucial for You to Enjoy a Healthy, Stress Free Lifestyle

Regular physical activity is an important factor that can contribute to a healthy lifestyle, fights obesity and allows you to perform at your very top level. If you are worried about your weight then starting off with two 10 minute walks a day will have a massive effect on your health and will help you to start losing some of those unwanted pounds.

One of the least mentioned benefits of exercise is that it gives you valuable ‘me time’ when you can just be alone with your thoughts and meditate on your life and the challenges you face. Whether you’re a busy parent, a student in college or a hard-working corporate executive, everyone needs some alone time to clear their mind and find that sense of inner peace.

While you are taking your exercise, you can always throw on some headphones as well and listen to some inspiring music, a great podcast or even listen to an audio book that you haven’t have time to read!

Wrap up-Regular Exercise is the Key to Long Term Stress Relief

There are so many benefits of taking regular exercise that you really can’t afford to miss out! So make use of these tips on stress relief and you will find yourself feeling great and the stress in your life will just melt away!



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