The quest for a good herbal tea

Are you looking for a good  herbal tea? If the answer is yes, then you should know some background first on herbal teas. Some of the typical health benefits you will find by drinking herbal teas are pain reduction, immune improvements, improvement of body systems like your digestive system, and relaxation. Some feel that herbal teas are a more natural way to help heal the body instead of taking medications. Herbal teas are now widely manufactured and offered from different health food outlets due to the increasing demand of the tea drinkers and especially those who are health conscious people. And even if you just surf on the internet, you will greatly find some offers for herbal teas.

Let’s discuss some of the benefits of some herbal teas in the world today

While a lot of people have heard of Chamomile tea and the calm and soothing effect it has. Or the peppermint tea that is a natural muscle relaxant and can also calm down an upset stomach. But how much do you know about the teas listed below:

Persimmon Herbal Teas

Persimmon herbal teas is a product from the Plum flower. Which is in actually one of the most well-known herbs. For this particular brand of herbal tea, it is sulfur free, chlorine free, and aluminum phosphate free. The process herbs are packages then injected with nitrogen and sealed. And due to this the use of sulfur, chlorine, and aluminum phosphate has been made inconsequential by this brand. And therefore, the treatments enhance the development of anaerobic organisms which then results to much safer and better-quality herbs.

Birch Teas

Birch teas are taken from the bark of the tree itself. It comes in yellow, black, and white birch. This tea is particularly good for used as an extract, tincture and infusion which are intended for chronic skin problems, rheumatism, and headaches. Along with that these teas are also studied to have a capability for treating fever and kidney stones. The birch can also act as a mouthwash when it is cold.

Raspberry Herbal Tea

Raspberry is a well-known herbal plant that have potential for treating multiple disorders / ailments. This certain tea, according to some studies, will help to control the onset of diarrhea, and this mainly acts as a blood purifier and tonic. This could be basically one of the reasons why the raspberry herbal teas are produced from its leaves. Today, the teas are used as an extract, infusion, decoction, tincture, as well as poultice. And it has a fantastic taste much like that of the ordinary black tea.

Alfalfa Herbal Teas

This tea the alfalfa tea has been looked upon as one of the eminent and widely produced herbal teas in the world. This tea is considered a rich source of Vitamins A, C, D, E, and K, including B complex, biotin, carotenes, calcium, trace minerals, iron, and many more nutrients. The Alfalfa tea can be applied in the form of as infusion, extract, vegetable, and dietary supplement.

Quick reference teas to help you feel better

Licorice tea

If you don’t mind the taste it can act as an anti-inflammatory to help relieve body aches that one might get from having the flu.

Cayenne tea

This is a great tea for a persistent cough and also helps with a sore throat. And even though it is a little on the spicy side it really can help with a scratch sore throat and also knock your cold out.

Dandelion Tea

This tea comes with a large amount of antioxidants. This will help eliminate toxins and help boost the immune system to fight infections. It has diuretic properties that can aid with flushing out your system, so you feel better faster.

Soreness and pain?

Do you have some soreness and pain? Have you ever heard of the Feverfew tea? This tea is popular among naturopaths for treating migraines and headaches. Although some have reported having irritation in the mouth more studies are need for that side effect. But if you are one of those that have frequent headaches this is a tea to try. To help reduce the irritation it is often blended with passion flower or lemongrass. It gives a smoother taste also.

Improve Your Digestive System

  • Chamomile tea– soothe your stomach, relieve cramps and alleviate symptoms of heartburn.
  • Ginger tea– treat nausea from motion sickness and morning sickness also for nausea, you can drink ginger tea beforehand to prevent symptoms
  • Chai tea- contains spices including cardamom, black pepper, ginger, cinnamon, and cloves that have been proven to help improve digestion.

Wrap up

Whether you just want a tea because you enjoy the taste or your looking for the medicinal purpose of a tea. Or your looking for something to warm you up. You can consume teas year around either hot or cold. And there are several to choose from so you can’t go wrong.




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