What Is The Right Exercise For You

Choosing the right exercise for you is key to a healthy lifestyle. When you are trying to decide what the right exercise to take up is you need to be very honest with yourself. If you hate running, then you are never going to get up at 6am to go jogging before work but if you do like swimming then you will look forward to your exercise sessions down at the local pool!

Be Honest

You also need to take a look at your finances and decide whether or not you can afford the gym or sports center membership fees and how much time you can set aside to achieve your physical improvement aims.

Once you have chosen the right type of exercise you will be able to stick to your plan in the long term and as your health improves you will be spurred on by your improving condition and state of mind. A great tip for newbies is to keep an exercise journal where you can make a note of the milestones you have reached, how much physical activity you are doing each week and how you are reaching the milestones you set for yourself! This will give you a great sense of accomplishment and help to keep you motivated.

How Fit are You?

It’s also important to assess your current levels of fitness and establish a realistic program to follow in order to develop your health and physical strength.

One of the best forms of exercise to begin with is to go walking in the park, around the block or, if you can manage it, to and from work each day! Walking is an extremely social activity and you will find it easy to find a partner to practice with. It’s fun to chat with someone while you are exercising, and you’ll find the time is just flying by when you go walking with your exercise partner!

Build up Your Strength and Physical Health

No matter what form of exercise you choose to take up, it’s essential that you start off at a low intensity and gradually build up to more intense and physically challenging routines. Throwing yourself into a new exercise routine too quickly and intensely can lead to injuries which can significantly set you back while you take time to recover.

If you’re in pretty bad shape right now, then try to start off by taking a 10 minute walk each day. Bring some headphones and listen to some music or your favorite podcast if you’re going alone to help pass the time and keep you inspired. As you get stronger and find the 10 minute walk easier to complete then slowly increase your walks by 5 minutes each week.

To keep things interesting, you can take different routes each day and explore your neighborhood and the surrounding areas. Another great idea to spice up your daily walks is to take a bus to a local park to do your exercise there where you can enjoy the new surroundings.

Have You considered a Fitness Center?

If you want to splash out a bit on your new exercise routine, then you might want to consider joining a local fitness center. There’s a huge range of options in a good fitness center including gyms, pools and sporting activities including basketball, badminton, tennis and squash. As well as the great facilities on offer you can also access personal trainers and coaches who can give you expert advice, tips and encouragement to help you achieve your goals.

Taking up a new sport can seem daunting at first, but you’ll be amazed how quickly you learn the key skills and you’ll quickly be having fun and enjoying the camaraderie and team spirit that sports naturally foster. Tennis is a fantastic option if you want quite an intense workout while sports like golf provide more moderate exercise opportunities as you walk around the beautiful course between strokes.

However, whatever exercise you eventually decide to take up you will rapidly find that you are feeling better, have more energy and your daily vitality will increase dramatically!

The Potential Harms You need to be Aware of

Exercise is good for your body, muscles and organs but there are still some potential risks that you need to be cognizant of before you get started.

Every time you exercise your brain naturally releases powerful chemicals known as endorphins. These produce a feeling of euphoria in the body which is often referred to as the ‘runner’s high’ and can actually become quite addictive.

When people become used to getting the rush caused by the release of endorphins and then are not able to exercise for a period of time, they can become irritable, depressed and anxious! People can actually become completely addicted to exercise to the cost of other aspects of their life in the pursuit of the endorphins and the high they feel from them.

This can lead to a poor balance in their lifestyle and lead to problems within their relationships and career. However, you can easily control these urges by exercising regularly throughout the week to keep yourself on the straight and narrow.

Obsessive exercise tends to afflict those who are new to it and is something that you should certainly look out for in your own habits because while it’s good to get fit you shouldn’t over do it!

Aches and Pains

Over exercising not only impacts on mind but can also lead to wear and tear in your muscles and joints. This leads to aches and pains that can plague you throughout the day and leave you feeling tired, weak and depressed.

To help to mitigate the potential for pulling a muscle or tendon and being left aching and in pain, always be sure to stretch properly before you begin your exercise routine. You also need to stretch after you have finished your session to give your body the best chance of rapidly recovering fully.

It’s very important for you to work up towards a more intense workout regime and not rush into pushing yourself too hard. If you do you can end up suffering from muscle damage, osteoarthritis and even heart problems.

The first sign that you have been over exercising is exhaustion and sustained fatigue. Once you start to feel these signs then you should warm down, stretch off well and take a few days rest before you consider undertaking physical activity again.

Always Start Gradually and Build up

It’s absolutely crucial that you start off gradually and build up towards a more vigorous workout routine. This will help you avoid injuries, exhaustion and the risk of becoming addicted to the endorphins that your body will naturally produce.

Some injuries and bodily damage can be permanent so you have to be careful to look after yourself while you are exercising so that yourself improvement efforts will not backfire on you!

You should never work out to the point where you are completely exhausted and especially in the early days you should limit your exercise to no more than 45-60 minutes 4 or 5 times per week. Following your workout, you should be feeling energetic and fresh and not destroyed, so always keep that in mind.

Wrap Up On Right Exercise For You

Take things one day at a time and be realistic with your objectives. Exercising should be a fun and enjoyable way to get into better shape but just don’t overdo it in your enthusiasm to become more healthy and fulfilled.

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